• Stacy Weaver on

    I purchased a skincare routine kit a couple years ago. Since then I’ve used other products from other companies but here I am back to find some more SOPE! It’s been the best product I’ve used. My skin was the healthiest, most radiant it has ever been because of the routine pack. That being said, hi my name is Stacy and I’m addicted to SOPE (not dope)

  • Aaryn Cosley on

    I am so in love ! It’s been over a year and I still have the facemask to this day and it is my go to in cases of emergencies ! Just kid with water apply with a Brush and set yourself up for a relaxing time ! Purchase your kit today ! You won’t regret it !

  • TRina McLin on

    Purchased facial cleansing pack. This product is amazing and a must have. My daughters acne is gone leaving her face clear with a natural glow to her skin. She loves it.

  • Emily Nixon on

    Where can I start ‘raving’ as a long term customer and mother of five: the all natural Eczema soap that healed my skin from Eczema in 6 months, the creamy body butter that is the only thing I use on my children’s skin for hydration, that same body butter that I used to moisturize, style and GROW my children’s hair, the dewy rose water that healed my daughter broken skin in in 2 days! the new and amazing CBD chapstick that leaves your lips tingling and also cleared up my son’s mouth irritation, the excellent customer service or the “sope” dealer, Joc. Black owned, black run, amazing product, great deals and prices. He even has deodorant that I’ve heard is wonderous! I have spent $500+ on international premier skin care routines; it doesn’t even stand close to SOPEnotDOPE !! Amazing!

  • Anonymous on

    Love Love LOVE this company and its product. When I tell you there is magic in the brand, you literally have to experience it to see what I mean. From the body butter to the rose water toner, my skin feels and smells light and smooth; it is healing from old acne scars and pock marks, and a little goes a long way. I just ordered rose water and am planning on placing another order soon. I love it so much!

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