Turmeric Eczema Scrub

Turmeric Eczema Scrub

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Fade dark spots & acne scars.

Treat acne. 
Moisturize your skin. 

Do you have dry, flaky, sensitive skin and/or hyperpigmentation? Fade your dark spots with our powerhouse face and body scrub! These natural ingredients are the perfect solution for those with sensitive skin because they’re harmless!  Each ingredient is powerful by itself but together, with time they will get rid of your dark spots/hyper-pigmentation and reveal soft, supple, glowing skin!

The Sope. Turmeric Eczema Scrub + Sope. African Black Soap Bar is a powerful combination when it comes to reducing blemishes and dark spots, fighting facial & body acne, fading acne scars, & best of all they’re both safe for ALL skin types! The Turmeric Tea Scrub will leave your with baby soft skin, and African Black Soap will leave your skin squeaky clean.

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