Blessed Body Butter

Blessed Body Butter

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1. Protects Your Skin

Body butter is much thicker than normal creams and lotions, which form a barrier over the skin to hold moisture in. Our skin has a natural barrier that can be affected by various elements in the environment, which include dry air, hot weather and cold season. However, application of body butter on the skin can work as an additional shield that helps to protect your skin from the other barriers.

After a prolonged use of body butters, you will see that it will help to give you soft skin. Due to a high amount of Vitamins present in the body butter, it helps to alleviate dry and itchy skin easily. Body butter proves to be extremely beneficial for people with eczema as well as other skin conditions. Applying body butter can help to maintain the pH value on the skin, thus giving you a healthy and glowing skin.

3. Deep Hydration

Applying body butter can help to provide deep hydration to the skin. When body butter is applied, it works as a barrier between the skin and other elements. It helps to trap the moisture inside the layers, thus giving you hydrated and soft skin. Application of body butter is highly recommended for all the seasons, as it traps the moisture, in order to keep your skin hydrated. The creamy and nourishing texture of the body butter helps to improve the texture of the skin.

4. Works As A Lip Balm

Did you know body butter can also be used as a lip balm? Well, yes! Body butter can be used all around the body and also it can work great as a lip balm. When used on lips, it can help to keep your lips moist and soft, thus preventing chapped lips.

5. Helps To Heal Stretch Marks

In order to heal the stretch marks on the body, using body butter is one among the effective ways. However, getting rid of the stretch marks and scars on the body completely is not possible, but using body butter can possibly help to lighten the scars on the skin. By boosting the production of collagen in the body, it can help to heal the stretch marks and acne marks, on the face, effectively.

6. Dry Patches

Body butter is extremely effective in treating the dry patches on the body. Most of us encounter extremely dry skin at the elbows, heels, toes, knees, etc. All this extremely dry and dead skin can be treated by regular massage of body butter. Take some body butter and apply it to the dry patches regularly. Massage until the body butter is absorbed completely. Application of body butter is more effective than greasing up.

7. Use as a Face Moisturizer

A body butter is a great face moisturizer, which not only helps to keep your face hydrated but also keeps it glowing throughout the day. From normal to dry skin, body butter suits all skin types. Take some body butter and warm it for some time. Now massage your face with this butter in an upward direction. Gently massage all over and finish up with the upward strokes on the cheeks.

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